Black Magic -Candle

Black Magic -Candle

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What Is It:

Ready to cleanse your third eye chakra? Start with our Black Magic candle! 

Good to know:

  • Creates a protective shield around the physical body and aura. Great for 
  • Provides restful sleep and relaxation.
  • Relieves one from the pains of a migraine headache. A migraine attack can easily flow down through the chakras and out the root and Earth star chakras for pain relief.
  • Protection during astral travel, good for dreaming and helps prevent nightmares.
  • Aligns chakras from top to bottom (similar to the same energy work that 
  • Boosts intuition, clairvoyant abilities and helps you tap into your higher self so that you can better connect with the Divine Source.
  • Helps one become more consciously awake by increasing spiritual awareness.
  • Relieves stress by encouraging a peaceful mindset.
  • Natural pain reliever.
  • Helps one to maintain focus and mindfulness during meditation.

Notes: Black Amethyst and Frankincense